Privacy Policy

KK MOTORS is the trading name of KK MOTORS NZ Limited trading in New Zealand.

About this Policy

This policy sets out how KK MOTORS collects, uses and discloses your personal information. If you disclose personal information to third parties this policy will not apply and you will be subject to the privacy policy of that third party. By accessing or using KK MOTORS services, you agree to the use and disclosure of your personal information in the manner described in this policy.

Personal information collected by Autostock may include:

  • KK MOTORS collects personal information that it considers necessary to provide the range of services they offer. Personal information may be collected both directly by KK MOTORS, and indirectly by KK MOTORS customers utilizing KKMOTORS provided software and systems.
  • "Other 3rd Party Vendors"-- In some cases KK MOTORS will be required to work cooperatively with other vendors or 3rd party suppliers in the process of servicing an KK MOTORS Client. KK MOTOPRS will never share data with Other 3rd Party Vendors without express written consent provided by the Autostock Client.

Examples of Other 3rd Party Vendors include;

  • DMS/VMS Providers (Autostock)
  • Specialised data integrators
  • Other lead management tool


  • Company and User name, address and contact details
  • Records of the services provided to you
  • Records of communications with KK MOTORS
  • Copies of Client Customer databases
  • Copies of Client Customer interaction and purchase history (i.e Test Drives, Leads, Sales, email communications)


Personal information for the Client Customers may be indirectly captured by KKMOTORS through use of KK MOTORS software and applications, or via web forms. KK MOTORS will not directly capture customer information to market to Client Customers. KK MOTORS provide the means to capture this information but responsibility for what information is captured, and how it is used is the sole responsibility of the KK MOTORS Client. Client Customer information captured is at the discretion of KK MOTORS Clients and may include;

  • Client Customer information including names, licence details, contact details, history etc
  • Purchase history, preferences and behaviour

What if you don't provide personal information?

If you choose not to provide personal information when requested, KK MOTORS Clients may not be able to provide you with the full range of services.

It is the responsibility of the KK MOTORS Client to manage further communication with the Client Customer. If Client Customers do not wish to receive communications from the KK MOTORS Client (Dealership or Agent) they must notify the dealership or agent directly. KK MOTORS do have a number of facilities included to make it easy for customers to notify dealerships including;

  • The ability to opt out from receiving further communication at the point of enquiry
  • The ability to opt out from receiving further communication after being sent email marketing communication through KK MOTORS software.

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